Piledriving in Trout Lake, Vancouver

We recently started a new home and laneway project for a client in the Trout Lake area of Vancouver. The land surrounding the lake is essentially a peat bog with the water table 3 feet below grade. Houses un-anchored to the rock solid glacial till 28-38 feet below grade will shift, crack, and deform over time creating the need for unique structural and geotechnical solutions to build. In this case 19 piles (essentially treated telephone poles) for the main house and 8 for the laneway home were driven until impact/set. A minimum 3 inch pile cap is exposed which the footings are formed around and concrete poured in to support the foundation and ultimately the house for the life of the home. Here’s a quick video of the piles being set, the entire earth moves like a small earthquake every time the 2500lb weight hits the pile.