1915 Heritage Home move on Dunbar a Success; looking forward to the future.

Dunbar house move
House on the move

The Dunbar character home that was featured in The Province, The Vancouver Sun, and on various Vancouver news broadcasts including the CBC has now been successfully moved from its original property and is waiting on a barge dock at the Southlands Musqeum Indian Reserve before crossing the Georgia Straight on its way to its new location in Union Bay, Comox valley.

The house weighed in at an estimated 140,000 pounds and the planks they had set up on top of the power lines to protect them as the house turned street corners creaked and groaned under the weight.

A large crowd gathered to watch the house move that consisted of all the surrounding house owners, some onlookers and most of the past house owners of the character home itself, to see this old home take off.

After raising a number of houses in Vancouver, forming new basements and then lowering back onto new foundations we have finally completed our first house “move”. Well, Nickel Brothers actually did all the moving, but it when it was gone we were left with a beautiful 50×130 foot lot west of Dunbar. Although demo was an option, we really didn’t want to knock down. (see “Moving a house in the Dunbar area of Vancouver to save it from Demolition”)

With the house move now a success we are excited to start building an exclusive modern home for the future. More to come as we document the progress and features of this one of a kind residence on our site, FB, and Twitter.

Click here to see a gallery of photos from the house moving experience.