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Choosing Enviroshake for your Roof

We recently had a great experience with enviroshakes on the roof of our Trout Lake project. The product is attractive, made from recycled materials, works with standard roofing tools, and has an impressive warranty. As standard shakes each one is individually nailed which takes more time than traditional asphalt which results in higher install cost.  …

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Interior Design for Small Spaces

In Vancouver, where square footage comes at a high price, perhaps it’s not how much storage space you have but how you use it and asking yourself what you really need. Whether it is about built-ins, building up to the maximum height of your rooms or having your furniture function in multiple ways, check out this  …

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EPIC Vancouver – Sustainable Living Expo

May 13 – 15, 2011, Vancouver Convention Centre
EPIC: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo is Western Canada’s largest lifestyle show for the eco-conscious consumer. Join this annual celebration of planet-friendly living and surround yourself with over 300 exhibitors, inspiring ideas, exciting entertainment, and smart shopping in one jam-packed weekend.
Shop and learn from hundreds of  …

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Vancouver Green Building Code Tip#3 – Future Solar Conduit

As the typical dwelling can be in use for half a century or more, some allowances for the adoption of future technologies is prudent. One such technology that will be undergoing widespread adoption in the coming years is that of on-site solar energy generation, namely roof-mounted photovoltaic or solar thermal systems. In order to facilitate  …

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Vancouver Green Building Code Tip#2 – Car Plug-Ins

Over the past 5 years there has been a growing market for electric bicycles and scooters. It is also expected that plug-in electric hybrid vehicles will be available to the public in the near future, followed soon after by the widespread availability of fully electric vehicles. The adoption of this technology represents a significant opportunity  …

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Building Green Mind Map

Found this interesting flowchart for green home building outlining the key players and processes. We would tweak it a bit when considering our our own systems, but love the graphical presentation which gives anyone who is considering a new home build a feel for all of the integrated parts required to succeed.


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