Save energy by using On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters

What is the most efficient source of hot water for your home?
Based on a recent study from the CMHC, comparing gas fired on-demand hot water heaters and conventional hot water holding tanks, the on demand water heaters proved to be the most cost effective using 46% less energy.
Although clearly the way to go for  …

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Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts when building a home

What is QI? Qi (pronounced ‘Che’ or ‘Chi’) is a principle based on traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine. It is translated as the flow of life energy, the breath of any living thing.
We researched a little bit on some positive and negative Feng Shui practices to keep in mind when you are decorating/building your home.

1) Lots of  …

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1915 Heritage Home move on Dunbar a Success; looking forward to the future.

The Dunbar character home that was featured in The Province, The Vancouver Sun, and on various Vancouver news broadcasts including the CBC has now been successfully moved from its original property and is waiting on a barge dock at the Southlands Musqeum Indian Reserve before crossing the Georgia Straight on its way to its new  …

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